Welcome to the New Practice of Dr Polonius Entwhistle

Dear friends, patients and medical voyeurs, welcome to my new blog page. As many of you may be aware, the management of the ‘Blogger’ property saw fit to alter their policies with precious little warning to discriminate against those whose material is considered ‘adult’. This betrays a fundamental immaturity pertaining to attitudes regarding the workings of the human body and mind, and it is frankly shocking to see such backward practices. Considering that we ‘Victorians’ are considered by many to be originators of prudishness and moralising, it really does demonstrate how Draconian their new measures are that they appear regressive even to me. However, since I’m aware that a great many have lost a great deal more than I – their livelihoods no less – I shan’t bluster along any further; however, let it be known that anyone finding him or herself in such a dire position, you have an ally in me, and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

In any case, this new space is actually a good deal superior to my previous surgery. In tenancy under a much-trusted patient of mine, whose own blog dominates the web address of my own, (do give it a look, by the way – a fascinating insight into hysterical mind for those who may be curious) I have more freedom to work unhindered and with the benefit of an expanded set of utensils and apparatus. As such I am now more than ever sufficiently equipped to provide the most cutting edge research into the field of hysterical paroxysm using the most advanced procedures and equipment the post-millennial world has to offer.

Now then, if you’ll kindly fill in a form with the front desk and take a seat in the waiting room I shall be with you presently.

Welcome once again, to the Heart of Hysteria!

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